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I am an attorney-at-law and registered mediator.

In 2012, I graduated from the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno. I started my law practice in 2014.

My law practice was significantly influenced by mediation training, which I completed in 2016 at the Association of Mediators of the Czech Republic. Mediation changed my views not only on the resolution of legal disputes, but also on interpersonal communication. Since 2017, I have been a mediator registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic and accredited mediator and member of the Association of Mediators of the Czech Republic.

Legal and mediation
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During a study stay at the Faculty of Law of the University of Caen Normandy, France, in 2010/2011, I got acquainted with the structure and functioning of the French legal system. During an internship at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg in 2012, I gained experience in European law.

An internship in Paris organised by the Paris Bar Association in 2019 gave me the opportunity to apply my knowledge of French law in practice. At the law firm Tosca Avocats in Paris, I participated in cases mainly in the area of civil, family and private international law.

In addition to Czech, I also provide services in English and French.



I provide legal assistance to expatriates living in the Czech Republic as well as to foreign clients requesting legal services related to Czech law. Among my clients are private individuals as well as entrepreneurs who want to enter the Czech market or companies based abroad that have business relationships with Czech partners.

Family law

I assist clients mainly with divorce, settlement of joint property of spouses, in matters of child custody – care/education, maintenance, contact with the other parent, maintenance between spouses and more. I always offer my clients a legal solution that meets their needs and interests, but also serves to relieve tension in the situation and set up better relations in the family for the future.

Representation in court

I represent clients before courts in civil or commercial disputes (contract disputes, debt collection, damages, neighbourly relations, disputes over defective performance, etc.), in criminal proceedings (legal assistance in preparatory proceedings before the police, defence of the client in court, representation of injured parties) and before Czech administrative bodies in administrative proceedings.

Real estate

I provide complex legal assistance with the purchase or sale of real estate. My services include review or draft of the reservation contract, the purchase contract, or the future purchase contract, providing escrow of the purchase price and registration in the land registry. I also provide other services in relation to real estate – donation contract, lease contract, rights in rem, co-ownership settlement agreement, legal counsel to co-owners of apartment buildings and owners’ associations.

Civil law

I provide legal advice and consultations to individuals in all situations of everyday life. Together, we can solve: draft or review of civil contracts (contract for work, purchase contract, lease contract, donation contract, etc.), draft of a lawsuit incl. representation in court proceedings, filing a criminal complaint or defence in a criminal case, damages, neighbourhood disputes, loans, disputes with an employer, claims for defective goods and services, execution proceedings, etc.


I provide entrepreneurs and companies with comprehensive legal services related to their business. Together, we can solve: the creation of a company, commercial register changes, draft or review of commercial contracts, comprehensive legal services related to business management, debt collection, transfer of business share, representation in court proceedings.


In mediation we can resolve family, civil, commercial, labour or consumer disputes. As a mediator, I help the parties to communicate constructively and gain an overview of their situation. My goal is to identify the interests of the parties and find an agreement that will reflect these interests. The advantage of mediation is that the parties retain control over the process and outcome, and there is greater confidentiality, time-effectiveness, and minimal financial costs compared to court proceedings.

Remuneration for legal services is determined on the basis of an hourly rate according to the nature and complexity of the case, or the need to use a foreign language or law. Based on an agreement, an individual type of remuneration can be agreed with the client (fixed, share or monthly rate). The non-contractual remuneration of a lawyer is regulated by Decree No. 177/1996 Coll. (lawyer’s tariff).

The first meeting with the mediator is, in accordance with Decree No. 277/2012 Coll., charged at the rate of CZK 400 for each started hour. The amount of remuneration for mediation proceedings is determined by the hourly rate according to the type of dispute and the need to use a foreign language.

and references
from all over the world

The benefit of my work abroad was establishing cooperation with lawyers from all over the world, creating a network of international contacts. I specialise mainly in French-speaking countries, including Africa.

Slovakia, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Senegal, Benin, Japan, Haiti, Armenia, Cameroon, Madagascar, Poland, Cyprus

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” (S. Jobs)


Mgr. Silvia Borovská

Vinohradská 98, Prague 3
+420 776 267 580

Mgr. Silvia Borovská, Attorney-at-law and registered mediator, Bar registration number 18007, ID: 05694361, Vinohradská 98, 130 00 Prague 3 – Vinohrady

According to the Consumer Protection Act, the client, as a consumer, has the right to out-of-court settlement of a consumer dispute under a contract for the provision of legal services. In this case, the Czech Bar Association is entrusted with the role of mediator. More information on the out-of-court settlement of a dispute between a lawyer and a client/consumer through the Czech Bar Association can be found on the website of the Czech Bar Association HERE. Information on the processing of personal data by a lawyer according to the GDPR can be found HERE.